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Which Countertop Color is Best for Your Kitchen?

Before choosing what style or material you want to use for your kitchen countertops, it’s a good idea to narrow down your choices by deciding what color looks best in your kitchen. While some materials like solid surface countertops come in many different color options, other natural stone materials only have a few to choose from. If you’re not sure which color is best for your kitchen, use this guide to help you.

Dark or All Black Countertops

When used in the right situation, black, charcoal, or other very dark countertop colors can really bring together the room. One popular use of black countertops is to complete a black and white theme. If you have white cabinets and other black features through the kitchen, black countertops might be exactly what you need to finish the look.

Neutral Tone Countertops

For kitchens with multiple cabinet finishes or colorful cabinets that you want to make pop, neutral colors is the best choice. Neutral colors like beige, gray, and cream will help bring contrasting designs in your kitchen together beautifully. Also, metallic appliances and decorations look great paired with these colors.

White or Flecked White Countertops

Pure white countertops are perfect for a modern or minimalist design, especially when paired with cabinets that have a yellow undertone. If you’re worried about keeping up with the cleaning, flecked or veined white kitchen countertops are a great option since they hide crumbs. However, flecked countertops look better in a more traditional, bright kitchen than a modern one.

Boldly Veined Countertops

If you like the look of more dramatic countertops that have extremely bold veins, you’ll want to make sure everything else in your kitchen is comparatively simple. In this situation, you can think of your countertops as being the main statement.

The color you choose to use for your kitchen countertops is the first decision you should make when deciding how to renovate your kitchen. Examine your kitchen and cabinet finishes to help you make your pick.

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