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Tips on Modernizing Your Bathroom


Remodeling a bathroom in order to give it a contemporary appearance can be quite the undertaking, but the results are often worth the process. Working alongside a professional to create the ideal bathroom with what you have available can be rewarding and satisfying. If you’re looking to modernize your bathroom space, try starting by looking at different styles of bathroom vanities and deciding which you like best. As the vanity is often the center of attention, you can then design the rest of the space around the looks and functions of the vanity.

What Materials Should You Get?

While much of the appearance of the vanity should be decided based on personal preference, it’s important to choose materials that will best serve their purpose. For example, if your vanity is made of particleboard, it will begin to warp when wet. Plywood is a much safer choice. While it is pricier, it can withstand moisture. Furthermore, solid surface or quartz is often a great countertop, as these materials not only can get wet but also are quite durable and hardy, lasting a long time.

Do You Need Some Space?

Bathrooms can often be some of the smallest spaces in the house. If you’re stuck with a tiny room to work with, then consider a few different options for bathroom vanities to help open it up or save space.

  • Floating vanities are wall-mounted, giving both a modern look as well as more open floor space, making the area appear larger.
  • Vanities with plenty of storage space, such as drawers and cabinets, can keep clutter out of the way.
  • Large mirrors can open up a room, so vanities with wide mirrors can give the appearance for a bigger room.

What Aesthetics Are There?

Contemporary bathroom vanities have a few different styles that are in trend and look brand new. The vanities that appear as furniture rather than simple countertops are quite popular and allow the design to stand out against the rest of the room. Slim, slick hardware is also in fashion, as is no visible hardware and using touch latches instead.

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