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Why Choose Solid Surface Countertops?


For decades, solid surface countertops have provided consumers with a great solution to their new kitchen counters that delivers performance for home cooks and easy cleanup even when you’re dealing with a chef who has just started to learn. What makes them so easy to use and convenient? Their solid, uninterrupted surface is smooth and easy to clean, so you can get messes off it easily. On top of that, being solid they do not have any lower layer to show if they get scratched, so minor wear almost never shows. There are more advantages, too:

  • Hard to stain because they are solid not porous
  • Long-lasting and rugged
  • Choose colors and materials to suit any design scheme

Finding the Right Installation Contractor

Kitchen counters are a big investment, and you probably won’t want to plan for another renovation any time soon. That’s why investing in a long-lived solution like a solid countertop is such a good idea. It’s also a good idea to bring in professionals, because you don’t want to put down the money for a brand new countertop only to lose days to figuring out the installation or, even worse, wind up with a poor fit from a DIY job that’s a little bigger than one person usually wants to do on their own.

The right professional will not only have the experience to get things done quickly, they will also typically have the tools to make extracting your old fixtures easy. If you’re looking to donate old counters or to re-use them in other projects like a home bar or workbench, this stage is essential. Start by looking for professionals in your area with a solid reputation and a lot of experience installing solid surface countertops. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions, either. Not every installation is the same, so do whatever you need to do to be assured you have found the right installation professional when the time comes.

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