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Are Solid Surface Counters Worth the Investment?


If you’re looking into a kitchen renovation, you’ve got a lot of choices. It’s easy to overspend because of that. After all, when you need to find the right counters, cabinets, fixtures, and even seating, coordinating the budget can be tough. Solid surface countertops represent a durable and beautiful solution that many homeowners find helpful as they sort out the right way to balance the costs of their total kitchen renovation.

What Makes This Type of Counter Special?

Your typical solid surface counter has a core made of compressed particle or chipboard to provide the heft you need in a solid work surface for a high traffic area like your kitchen. This core is then covered with a single solid surface, usually some kind of laminate. This creates a solid exterior that is resistant to scratches, easy to clean, and consistently colored. Solid surface counters tend to hide minor wear well, and they have long lifespans for their initial cost. They also avoid some of the environmental concerns raised by materials like granite.

Can You Get Custom Designs?

In theory, you can get a solid surface counter in any style or design you need because they can be built to suit. In practice, not every place that can sell you solid surface countertops can provide true custom installation. You’ll need to find experts for that.

  • Look for customer testimony
  • Ask about estimates for your space specifically
  • Redesign your counter layout with a professional
  • Bring in specialists for each phase of your renovation

If you follow these steps, it should be easy to find the pros who can help you realize the kitchen of your dreams. The important thing to remember is that the work will go quickly when you use a professional, so you can afford to take your time and make sure you hire the perfect fit for the renovations you are making to your kitchen.

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