There are a number of reasons to consider solid surface sinks for use in your kitchen, bathroom or utility room. This versatile material has a number of advantages you may not have previously considered. Here are just a few of them.


A solid surface sink is constructed so that it is formed of a single piece of material. This means that there are no naturally occurring seams in the product that can prove more vulnerable to damage. This material is generally considered to be hard wearing and long lasting. Additionally, solid surface materials are generally resistant to UV rays meaning that even if they are installed under a window you won’t have to worry about fading. This is a bonus if the sink you’ve chosen is in a brighter color.


Many solid surface sinks are created with polyester or acrylic resins. These materials are typically easy to shape into a variety of styles. They can range from different sizes and shapes, to various colors depending on the process and design of a particular model. Some solid surface sinks can even be designed to mimic other materials such as stone or porcelain. The numerous options mean that no matter which room you’re looking at installing your sink in, you should be able to find a style that fits.


This type of sink is integrated into the work surface to create a smooth look. The non-porous material of solid surface products can prevent outside materials from seeping in and staining the sink. This same smooth surface also helps when it comes time for cleaning, and may help prevent any bacterial build up.

With the wide variety of solid surface sinks available you have the ability to choose a color and style that works best in your space. These durable sinks are also easy to clean and maintain and you can feel confident in finding a great looking addition for your kitchen, bath or utility room.

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