When it comes to purchasing kitchen countertops, it’s important to consider both durability and appearance. Quartz stone countertops are very popular in the market and can fulfill both requirements and more. Here are a few features of this type of stone and how it can benefit homeowners.

1. It’s Easy to Maintain

Because of its natural, long-lasting beauty, quartz doesn’t require any special maintenance to keep it looking fashionable. By cleaning it regularly with water and soap, this type of countertop can stay in near-perfect condition for many years.

2. It’s Durable

Because of its density, this natural stone is extremely scratch-resistant. Quartz stone countertops are known for being one of the easiest types to clean and take care of. Unlike granite and marble stones, quartz isn’t porous and therefore doesn’t need to be sealed. This makes it ideal for food preparation.

3. It’s Decorative

Quartz is made of a combination of quartz crystals, a resin binder, and colorant. While this makes the countertop extremely strong and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, it also makes a beautiful design. People admire the natural beauty of quartz kitchen countertops for many reasons, but a popular reason is that the veins of stone can complement any kitchen design. The glossy sheen is very attractive, and the colors of the stone can vary.

Although quartz is a common material found in the earth, acrylic resins that bind the crystals are petroleum by-products and therefore harmful to the environment. While this can have a moderate impact on Earth’s environment, it’s important to keep in mind that quartz countertops can last up to 15 years without needing to be fixed or replaced.

With all these facts in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people love quartz stone countertops. The combination of durability, easy maintenance, and style help make quartz stand out in the countertop market.

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