Kitchen countertops are often used as a showpiece, a way to demonstrate both personality and style. However, when discussing natural stone that extra level of pizazz comes with a significant price tag. Engineered Stone, alternatively, is a fraction of the price and can be made to depict that same level of personality, style and longevity that you desire. Beyond the customization of engineered products, there are plenty of benefits that make the material far superior to natural products.


Natural stone, while beautiful, is fragile, and it must be handled delicately to ensure intact installation. However, engineered products are not so vulnerable, and their strength and resilience to minor damage are what make these products a sought-after choice for many homeowners. They will not easily break and provide a similar look to natural materials.

Care and Maintenance

Engineered stone also requires less attention and maintenance than natural materials. For instance, granite counters need special treatments and must be cared for rigorously to ensure a sustained natural finish. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are nonporous and require no sealing. Also, these engineered countertops are spill proof and stain proof, making them an appealing choice for family households.

Color Options

Another tremendous benefit to engineered counters is the level of customization. As these products are manufactured and not mined, they can be designed in several ways, including color. Many people may have a misconception that quartz products only come in black or gray, and that is not the case. These countertops are made to resemble natural stone, but they are not limited to neutral tones. If you want a yellow tinted countertop, then you can have it.

While natural stone is beautiful, it is not the most cost-effective option for counters. Engineered stone is also beautiful and has a strikingly similar appearance to natural products, but it is a fraction of the price with arguably more significant benefits.

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