Create a One-of-a-Kind Modular Kitchen

While kitchen appliances certainly bring a modular kitchen together, the true star of the show is the design of the kitchen itself. When it comes to modular kitchens, choosing the right features, such as an acrylic counter top, that complement the cabinetry and flooring make all the difference in turning it into its own unique space that is elegant. Thanks to modern advances, that elegance can be achieved while staying with the budget.

Choosing the Right Cabinets and Counters

Cabinets and counters are the two things that are most noticed when entering a kitchen. The cabinets are especially a key consideration to the rest of the style. The right type of cabinets determines how the rest of the kitchen will look. Depending on the layout, floor-to-ceiling cabinets add a pleasing aesthetic that makes the room feel bigger. Accenting them with an acrylic counter top provides a smooth, sophisticated finish. If looking for some modern flair, glass panels are a modern trend that instantly adds elegance to the room. From recessed to flat and elevated, there are endless options to get a custom look. Cabinets and counters also are available in an array of materials, further allowing for customization that fits the specific budget.

Complementary Flooring and Backsplashes

As appealing as the cabinets and counters may be, the wrong flooring choice will quickly take away from the magic. Luckily, flooring has come a long way from boring tiles that need to be replaced. Laminates have become a popular option thanks to their durability, ease of installation and vast style and color options. They are available in faux-wood finishes and other textures that add a stylish element. Adding complementary ceramic tiles as a backsplash help bring the whole kitchen together.

From choosing the right acrylic counter top to flooring that accents that choice, a modular kitchen can easily become a unique work of art that stands out.